Connecting Cities II – SoundBridge Festival 2017

SoundBridge Festival 2017 – Connecting Cities II
9 compositions by composers from different cities: Germany, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

音乐会 I: 《与城市接轨之二》

Date & Time: 6th October 2017 (Friday), 8.00pm
Venue: Black Box, Damansara Performing Arts Centre
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Booking Hoteline: +6017-382 8637

Tickets Information:
Single-show Ticket:
RM 30 (Normal)
RM 27 (Dcard Member)
RM 25 (Student / Senior Citizen / Disabled / SMCC Member)
Festival Pass*:
RM 75 (Normal)
RM 65 (Dcard Member)
RM 60 (Student / Senior Citizen / Disabled / SMCC Member)
* Festival Pass is one ticket for each concert including Connecting Cities II, SoundBridge III and Malaysian Voices V. Please contact +6017 382 8637 for more details.

1. Malaysia Premiere of “Jonico” for 2 percussionists (2008) by Dieter Mack (Germany)
Performed by Max Riefer and Kyle Daniel, percussion

2. Malaysia Premiere of “Sari Sarihan II” for piano (1995) by Conrado del Rodario (Philippine)
Performed by Xie Ya-Ou, piano

3. World Premiere of “Lights” for Piano and percussion (2017) by Ho Chee Kong (Singapore)
Performed by Xie Yashuangzi, piano; Kyle Daniel, percussion

4. World Premiere of “Mountain trail of De-ang” for 2 pianos and 2 percussions with pre-recorded audio (2017) by Zou Xiang Ping (China)
Performed by Xie Yashuang Zi (Pno.1) and Chong Mei Ling (Pno.2), piano; Max Riefer (Perc.1) and Kamiya Hiromi (Perc.2), percussion; conductor, Xie Ya-Ou

5. Malaysia Premiere of Two selected “Bagatelles no. 3 & 4” for piano solo (2009) by Jonas Baes (Philippine)
Performed by Xie Yashuangzi, piano

6. World Premiere of “Whistle down the wind” for 37-reed soprano sheng and percussion (2017) by Tan Yan Jing (China)
Performed by Shen Ling Hxuan, sheng; Max Riefer, percussion

7. “Man against Machine” for percussion solo and visual projection by Jiradej Setabundhu and Prinda Setabundhu (Thailand)
Performed by Max Riefer, percussion

8. “Lament II” for flute, piano and percussion—Michael Asmara (Indonesia)
Performed by Daiske Kino-Shita, flute; Chong Mei Ling, piano; Kamiya Hiromi, percussion

9. Malaysia Premiere of 《源。流 》”Yuan Liu” for 37-reed soprano sheng, 2 pianos and 2 pianos (2009/rev. 2014) by Chong Kee Yong (Malaysia)
Performed by Shen Ling Hxuan, Sheng; Xie Yashuang Zi (pno1) and Chong Mei Ling (pno2), piano; Max Riefer Perc.1) and Kyle Daniel (Perc.2), percussion; conductor, Xie Ya-Ou

Presented by Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)
Co-organized by Studio C & SEGi University & Colleges
Executive Produced by Checkmate Creative
Supported by Goethe-Institut
Graceful Piano
The Guitar Store
Composer Society of Singapore
Fele and Cat Handcrafted
Skate Strange Studio
99 Speedmart
Printing Supported by Modernsign & DBOX Innovation

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