Chasing Colours

Tunas Tari, in partnership with Maybank Foundation, presents: Chasing Colours
(A Dance Drama Production for Children)


Atop a mountain range, overlooking scenic views surrounding them, sit two pigeons, Merdu and Manis, lamenting their plight. With their coats of grey feathers, they feel a little downcast especially today. They have always felt inferior of themselves, envious of other birds with more colourful feathers. As they gaze across the horizon, richly-coloured birds merrily soar into the sky, splashing vivid hues as far as the eyes can see.

Merdu and Manis decide to venture down to the edge of the tropical forest to watch other birds play and forage for food. Multi-coloured birds dance merrily, extending their beautiful wings in glee. As the colourful birds begin to fly away, some of their feathers drop onto the ground. Merdu and Manis are thrilled and begin to furtively collect the beautiful vivid quills to cram within their own plumes, hoping that they can replicate the majestic peacocks earlier seen passing by.

The pigeons are elated of their patchwork of colourful feathers and rush after the peacocks, in anticipation of being accepted as one of the most beautiful birds they have ever seen. But alas, the peacocks shun them away, despite their makeover. Instead of feeling rueful and start to embrace their own lovely natural feathers, Merdu and Manis are adamant in chasing their dream colours. They will not give up! They plot for a grander plan; one that is not for the faint-hearted – which warrants going deeper and deeper into the forest to seek an audience with the King of the Jungle, the wise and strong Malayan tiger, who may know just what to do! Would the tiger be able to teach these ungrateful pigeons a lesson?

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