An Absurd Theatre Banquet

An Absurd Theatre Banquet

A One Day Workshop exploring Theatre of The Absurd and its possibilities on the Malaysian Stage with Razif Hashim

What happens to Malaysian theatre post GE14? Are we actually allowed to create satire for stage and television now that there is a freedom to express ourselves?

It’s time to get creative and make up for any lost opportunity for comedy!
Since the 1950s, Theatre of The Absurd has delivered its clout in many ways around the world. Comedy television, stage plays, puppetry, film and radio have all crafted their own brand of Absurd Comedy. Even the Iron Wall around Czechoslovakia came down with the help Vaclav Havel’s Theatre of The Absurd plays, giving way to the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Theatre of The Absurd can be interesting or powerful in its application. In this workshop, we will explore Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot, BBC’s Monty Python and the Surreal artist, Salvador Dali, who each had an absurd way to bring meaning to life.

We have just entered a new era in Malaysian media and television. The Malaysian theatre industry is about to venture further than it’s ever been before. So where do you go to get the knowledge you need to pursue a career as an Absurd dramatist? How is comedy capable of changing a mindset or even enabling critical thinking and discourse on a whole range of social issues?

Actor, Razif Hashim, will take all participants on this 5-hour journey into the abyss of The Absurd. With active discussion, physical theatre, situational composure and theatre games, each participant will begin to find a voice in absurdity. Looking for ways to express Theatre of The Absurd in meaningful, mostly Malaysian ways.

“The shedding of easy solutions, of comforting illusions, may be painful, but it leaves behind it a sense of freedom and relief. And that is why, in the last resort, the Theatre of the Absurd does not provoke tears of despair but the laughter of liberation.”

Martin Esslin,
Author of Absurd Drama

Who Should Attend:
• Beginning students who are just developing their knowledge of theatre studies and exploration
• Working writers and actors who find that their scripts can be injected with fresh vibrancy
• Aspiring comedians, appreciative of satire
• Professional theatre practitioners interested in exercising their artistic rights
• Anybody who wants to act, perform or take up comedy

What You Will Learn:
• A background to Theatre of The Absurd
• How to develop characters, scripts & skits
• How to plot and weave together effective dramatic devices
• How to let others view your work and receive informal feedback
• How to be inspired from different dramatic stimuli

When you’re finished with the workshop, you’ll be able to:
• Comprehend and recognise what Theatre of The Absurd is in dramatic comedy
• Understand the different devices related to action, dialogue and circumstance and engage them in dramatic material
• Look deeper into characters and situational comedy, as well as satire
• Feel more confident about being funny
• See life from a more comical perspective

Sunday August 5th 2018
(Confirm attendance by Saturday August 4th)

Bilingual ENG / BM

Due to limited spaces, we are only able to reserve the seat after fee payment. Please send in your full name & number to reserve your place.
Email: [email protected]

Please Note:
Although some healthy refreshments will be provided, there will only be working breaks. It is recommended to eat a good brunch prior to coming to this intensive workshop.

RM234 per participant

The Facilitator:

Razif Hashim

“I see myself as an actor. I have been since I was a child. I am extremely playful, and I play all games seriously. I love to have a good time all the time. I believe that there is a time and place for everything and that there is never a better time than now.

I want to help people be better actors. Then this story called life becomes more interesting.
I want to come up with new technology for actors everywhere. Then this story called life becomes more exciting.
I want to entertain and help people entertain well. Then this story called life becomes a comedy.
I want to be Batman on top of it all.”

Razif has graduated from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, with a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. He has been a television host, a radio host, actor, director and producer who has engaged many with his own brand of humour.

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