Ambaa The Penance

Laasya Arts Academy presents

Krithika Ramachandran and Shabin Bright
Ambaa.. The Penance

Ambaa The Penance is based on the concept of non duality. It portrays how Parvati unites with the lord by over coming her mortal self.

According to the Advaita Philosophy of Sri Adishankara, the ultimate truth, Brahman, is non- dual. It is the divine ground which is beyond time, space and causation. By discriminating between what is Brahman and what is not, one comes to realise the truth, that Brahman is all, is infinite ( sat chit ananda/ pure consciousness ), ultimately attaining Moksha.

This production focuses on Parvati’s life story, her journey to attain lord shiva and the mystic androgyny of Ardhanariswaram, the symbol of cosmic balance.

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