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Presented by BaiZam Generation (Kelantan)

Established in 2013, BaiZam Generation is an active group producing dance performances; music combos of traditional and modern, traditional and contemporary theater performances. “BaiZam Generation”specializes in performances such as Mak Yong, Mek Mulung, Wayang Kulit, Dikir Barat, Traditional Dances, Selampit, Main Teri, Folklore and Traditional Poetry. Led by the multi-talented Kamarul Baisah Hussin and National Arts Award recipient Zamzuriah Zahari, BaiZam Generation has made acclaimed performances in both abroad and local grounds

This wayang kulit performance will feature three generation of Tok Dalang from Pasir Mas Kelantan. Kamarul Baihaqi bin Kamarul Baisah being 7 years old, Kamarul Baisah bin Hussin whom is 35 years old and Hussin bin Yussof being 70 years old. This is a legacy of hereditary descendants from a grandfather, father and to the son. This wayang kulit performance will show a transformation of knowledge from a Tok Dalang (Veteran) to Tok Dalang Muda (youth) and to Tok Dalang Cilik (grandchild). The tradition of knowledge became a legacy for BaiZam Generation in cultivating the identity of a traditional arts performer.

RM55.00 (Normal)
RM50.00 (Dcard Holder)
RM40.00 (Student/Children)

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