OneBeat Podcast Collider: Time Machine Waits for No One

OneBeat presents a discussion with artists Ng Chor Guan, Anna Gesualdi, Giovanni Trono and Sarah Weaver, moderated by Tan E-Jan. This event is produced as part of OneBeat’s ongoing Podcast Collider series, which profiles OneBeat alumni and their global communities around the world.
Ng Chor Guan is an artist, a creator, a composer, active thereminist, improviser, educator, and co-founder of the singular contemporary arts collective, Toccata Studio. A familiar face in many international arts festivals across the continents, Guan is a prolific artist whose diverse body of work is rooted in the contemporaneous currents of technology and yet proves to transcend categories in the performing arts.
Giovanni Trono and Anna Gesualdi are artists and curators. In 2006 they found TeatrInGestAzione, a multidisciplinary company based in Naples. Their poetics stems from the need to detach the performing art from the spectacular context and qualify the stage as a seat of experimental sociality, where art is at the base of politics.
Sarah Weaver, Ph.D. is a New York-based contemporary composer, conductor, technologist, educator, and researcher working internationally as a specialist in large ensemble and network arts. Her work innovates contemplative concepts on network, synchrony, synthesis, and interconnection for artistic and social purpose. Weaver has composed solo, chamber, and large ensemble works for groundbreaking musicians for twenty-five years, integrating influences of classical, jazz, world, contemplative, electronic music, and individual music languages of performers. She is an innovator in network arts advancing live performance via the internet by musicians and artists in different geographic locations. Weaver is the Director of NowNet Arts and Sarah Weaver Ensemble, Executive Director of JackTrip Foundation, Editor of the Journal of Network Music and Arts (JONMA), and Faculty of The New School College of Performing Arts.
Tan E-Jan is a creative producer and co-founder of Toccata Studio, a creative incubator in Malaysia. Her interests in exploring arts as future shaping force shaped her strength behind her broad international exchange and collaboration projects. She strongly believes the best way to see the future is to create it.
OneBeat is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, & produced by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation.
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