【Di Zang- The Musical】Restage

Di Zang- The Musical】 is come back on stage!

“This is not only a drama but is a Dharma as well, is like a lotus pond in my heart, beautiful, solemn and fragrant …” – Audience

In November last year, a series of 10 shows of 【Di Zang- The Musical】 acclaimed from audience again and again. This year, director Yang Wei Han decided to put the original story back on the stage. The restage will be scheduled at 19 to 22 April 2018, performing at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). In addition to preaching Dharma, but also for fund-raising of construction for meditation temple.

Di Zang – The Musical has grown from coincidental yet fateful circumstances. The whole development has taken less than a year.
This production Di Zang – The Musical is based on the Sutra of the Great Vow of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and the Bodhisattva’s spirit and aspirations as it relates to the perplexities of modern life.
It began as a wish between our Producer, Datin Jane Lew and our Advisor, Master Wu-Hui. With the Master’s encouragement, she takes up the aspiration of: ‘Teaching through Art; using the Theatre as a Spiritual Training Platform’ as one of her spiritual-developmental goals.

Then by chance they met the very director, script-writer, music producer, lyricist and composer, mixing engineer and music arranger, indeed the multi-talented Yang Wei-Han. Their first meeting to discuss the creative aspects of the production lasted 10 hours, uninterrupted. Yet it was joyously energetic! Thus, we have today Di Zang – The Musical!
Di Zang – The Musical comes 3 years after Xuan Zang: Journey to the West – The Musical, another original piece of work by Yang Wei-Han.

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