Part of The Actor’s Studio’s 30th anniversary, a two-year celebration where 30 productions will be staged until 2019, Men in Heels was a treat for the funny bone and the soul. Going in, you wouldn’t know what to expect from a show called Men in Heels, except maybe a succession of drag performances and dance numbers. And this was almost what the show was going to be, as Joe’s initial idea for the production would be having a group of performers and dancers dance drag-style to 3 or 4 songs. But what you don’t expect is to fall in love with the snarky remarks and lives of these men. And the man responsible for this is KLPAC’s own award-winning resident director and scriptwriter Mark Beau de Silva, that turned the original idea for the play on its head by writing something that hits closer to home and attempts to shed light on the real issues faced by Malaysia’s “invisible” trans community.

Full review on The Daily Seni

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