Weekly Voice Workout with Qahar Aqilah

Weekly Voice Workouts with Qahar Aqilah

🔹 The workout is suitable for actors, as well as anyone who works with the voice, or wants to express and communicate better with it.
🔹 It is geared primarily towards the speaking voice, though the release from some of the exercises may indirectly help singing.
🔹 Voice work is a lot about process, and could involve a lot of unlearning and learning of new habits and understanding. So please be patient and respectful of your, and others’, journey.

🔸 You may attend any, or all sessions.
🔸 Please RVSP by PM-ing us or emailing [email protected]. We also welcome walk-ins!
🔸 Please be on time, and commit to the work.

🔹 Wear comfortable work-out clothes you can move freely in, for there will be exercises that require you to either move about or be lying on the floor.
🔹 (Optional) Have a piece of 1 minute memorized text with you that you can apply or work with during the session.

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