Visual Journalism: Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

visual journalism

Visual Journalism: Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

Information has existed since the beginning of time – from chiselling stone tablets to swiping on paper thin ones – and has evolved tremendously into various forms to keep up with the changing habits of consumers.

How do we tell important stories in the age of Instagram? Have social media platforms given photojournalists a second shot at life – many of whom were once dropped by publishers in favour of generic stock photos?

As the lines begin to blur between the different visual formats, content producers are kept on their toes to cater to ever decreasing attention spans and a demanding thirst for concise stories.

Speakers: Carlo Gabuco, Nana Safiana, Ahmad Yusni
Moderator: Zan Azlee


An entrance fee of RM10 is charged for admission to the entire festival (5 – 7 October 2018), EXCEPT for workshops and special events, which are charged separately.

The Cooler Lumpur Festival has always been supported by grants, and as we approach our 6th year, a nominal contribution from our attendees will help greatly in keeping the festival sustainable and independent for years to come.

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