Unmasked Perspectives Group Art Exhibition

Art  Exhibition 

Unmasked Perspectives: Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity in Malaysia

Exhibition Period : 4 – 30 November 2023 


“Unmasked Perspectives” is a remarkable group art exhibition that transcends boundaries and invites you to explore the rich tapestry of inclusion and diversity in Malaysia. This exhibition, featuring the works of 13 talented artists, including neurodivergent, neurotypical, and atypical creators, is a testament to the power of art as a unifying force that goes beyond our perceived differences.


“Unmasked Perspectives” beckons viewers to shed preconceptions and peer beyond the surface. The theme embodies the spirit of embracing our unique qualities, celebrating the unexplored depths of our personalities, and recognizing the beauty of every individual, regardless of their background, abilities, or neurodivergent, neurotypical, and atypical traits.

Artistic Diversity:

The 13 participating artists come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including neurodivergent, neurotypical, and atypical creators. This diversity is a testament to Malaysia’s vibrant cultural mosaic. These artists are not confined by conventional norms; they shatter boundaries with their creativity, demonstrating the infinite facets of human expression. You’ll find their art to be a refreshing blend of perspectives, illustrating the profound beauty that lies within our differences.

Participating Artists:(In alphabetical order)

Ainaa Farhanah Amali

Danial Kushairi

Doreen Ng

Grace Wang Wan Chew

Jean C

K. Aveena Devi


Lim Yu Heng

Maggie Tan Mui Theng

Mikhail Omar

Muaz Z

Ng Yi Shen

Prabh Lahari


Dymphna Lanjuran, Inner Joy Art Gallery

Rohani Ahmad, Gifted Brush

Inclusivity and Unity:

“Unmasked Perspectives” is more than an art exhibition; it’s a call to action. It reminds us that true unity can only be achieved by embracing each other’s distinct voices, experiences, and perspectives. By showcasing the talents of those who often stand at the periphery, including neurodivergent, neurotypical, and atypical artists, this exhibition serves as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and empathetic society.

Art as a Catalyst:

Art has the remarkable ability to transcend words and connect with our souls. Each piece displayed in this exhibition is a testament to the artists’ courage, resilience, and unique life experiences. Through their work, including that of neurodivergent, neurotypical, and atypical artists, they invite you to share in their world, to see through their eyes, and to appreciate the beauty of a diverse and inclusive Malaysia.


“Unmasked Perspectives” is an exploration of the human spirit, an ode to diversity, and a celebration of inclusion. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey and discover the profound stories told through each brushstroke, stroke of the pen, or click of the camera shutter. Through these unmasked perspectives, we hope to inspire a Malaysia where every voice is heard, and every individual is valued for their authentic self.

We also hope this exhibition ignites a newfound appreci ation for the wealth of experiences that make Malaysia truly extraordinary.

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