UMA Contemporary Dance Showcase 2018

Dance Department of the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya is glad to present to you UMA Contemporary Dance Showcase 2018!

The Dance Department of the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya, provides a platform for performance and production for its dance majors. The production is run almost entirely by a student committee, only guided and encouraged by their lecturers, from scheduling rehearsals to costume arrangements to ticket printing to public relations.

The choreography perfomances is primarily aimed to give students and former choreographers to perform and show their skills to the public.

We are honored to have 9 choreographers and 1 dance video director for UMa Contemporary Dance Showcase 2018:
1. Tan Chai Chen (Kathyn)
2. Wong Jyh Shyong (JS Wong)
3. Mohammad Khairi Mokthar
4. Chew Yee Hsuen (Kat)
5. Zharif Tahir
6. Mohd. Hafzal bin Aziz
7. Danesh Raj Nagarajan
8. Andrew Igai Jamu
9. Leng Poh Gee

Dance Video.
Directed by: Ng Chor Guan.

For tickets, please contact this number 017-5510294 or Facebook message Fariha Adlin

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Show Times



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