Timeless Memories Art Exhibition

Timeless Memories: A Celebration of Malaysia’s Past, Present, and Future

31 Aug – 15 Oct 2023

Inner Joy Art Gallery, Malaysia

“Timeless Memories” is an international art exhibition in conjunction with Malaysia’s National Day and Malaysia Day, where we embark on a nostalgic journey through captivating artworks that reminisce cherished memories, bridging the gap between the past, present, and future. Through the lens of creativity, this exhibition aims to showcase the enduring essence of memories that have withstood the test of time.

In this artistic celebration, we present an array of 35 masterpieces that portray the collective memories of the nation, encompassing the individual experiences of 11 Malaysian artists, with each artist representing a unique decade of age, and the shared memories of our diverse public. Additionally, we are honoured to welcome 4 international artists from China, whose perspectives will enrich our understanding of timeless memories on a global scale.

The participating artists for this exhibition are (names are listed on descending order based on seniority of age, representing the oldest generation first) :

Wong Kean Choon

Mustafa Bin Yahya

Mat Aris Bin Suradi

Dr. Perline Siek Hwee Ling

Loo Seak Lee

Herman WSY

Alex Liong Chen Hui

Dymphna Lanjuran

Unia Wang

Eugene Nandakumar

Lim Yong Wei

Yan Xin

Jackson Xie

Black Wang

Adrian YRZ


Curators :

Dymphna Lanjuran

Selena Wong

Each artwork beautifully encapsulates the essence of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage, historical milestones, and the cherished moments that have shaped our nation’s identity. The artists’ works offer glimpses into the multifaceted tapestry of Malaysian memories. Complementing the local talent, our Chinese international artists have ingeniously managed to capture the essence of their view of Malaysia’s diverse cultures and experiences, parallel to the universal themes that unite us all. Their contributions form an inspiring symphony of memories that transcend borders and speak to the shared human experience.


Venture through the gallery, and you will find a tapestry of emotions woven into each stroke of the brush and every intricacy of the medium used. The artists, regardless of their nationality, have skillfully crafted artworks that immortalise fleeting moments, emotions, and landmarks, symbolising the perpetual thread that binds our past, present, and future.


From the wisdom and nostalgia of our artists in their 80s, to the fresh perspectives and hopes of those in their 20s, “Timeless Memories” showcases the diversity of memories that traverse through generations. Each artist’s unique age and experiences serve as a testimony to the enduring nature of memories, proving that they transcend time and age, remaining vivid through the years.


The exhibition will not only captivate your imagination but also provoke contemplation as you delve into the stories behind each art piece. From ancient traditions and customs to pivotal events that shaped the nation, “Timeless Memories” poignantly illustrates how these memories echo through generations and remain a poignant reminder of who we are.

As we commemorate Malaysia’s National Day on the 31st of August and Malaysia Day on the 16th of September, “Timeless Memories” encourages us to cherish our heritage and celebrate the unity that flows through our veins. This exhibition bridges the gap between our roots and our aspirations, connecting our diverse society in a tapestry of shared experiences.

Exhibition is open to the public by appointment, from 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm daily, except for Monday and Friday (gallery off days). Free admission.

WhatsApp us to make viewing appointment.

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