Tiga Pemimpi

‘Tiga Pemimpi’ or ‘Three Dreamers’ .

“ It all starts with a dream.“

To be here where i am now, I remember it used to be a dream . Without dreaming, you wont achieve your goals.

I want to show this artwork in a cultural way, so that we dont forget our culture heritage.
We should appreciate our culture traditional fashion.

I love our traditional clothes , it is very unique and details. Since i was a kid, i love to ask my mom to make me a baju kebaya, even kids around my age at the time will laugh at how i look because im wearing kebaya . Lol.

Anyway, recently i go to my late grandma’s house, and i remember, I always like to ask her if i could have some of her kain batik n baju kurung, she’s like ‘amik ler.’ She know she has a lot. Haha.

This artwork i made specially for all dreamers out there. Dream as much as you can!
And while dreaming , lets all of us appreciate and embracing our culture heritage. 

Do drop by to @nelissahilman at Bangsar Village II to see more artwork ✨

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