Things That Move by Gene Eu

Coming soon to The Godown. Gene Eu, an artist with a profound dedication to sustainability and conservation, is set to inspire audiences with his captivating series of paintings of Malaysia’s wildlife mammals.

Things That Move is a homecoming solo exhibition for Gene who has until recently been based in the US as an artist and a farmer. Relocating home to Malaysia in 2020 and now based out of his organic farm in Bentong Pahang, Gene continues to foster a lifestyle that embraces the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, while practising his art. The exhibition is a celebration of Malaysia’s rich biodiversity and features a unique array of our fauna brought to life in Gene’s signature dry brush technique, a hallmark of his artistic style. The method which involves using Sumi ink on the brush imparts a distinctive texture and depth to his paintings creating a sense of translucency and an ethereal quality to his subjects.

The Godown warmly invites art enthusiasts, conservation advocates, and the community to experience the magic of Things That Move. The exhibition runs from March 14 to March 31 2024. Exhibition hours are between 12pm and 6pm daily except Mondays.

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