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“All About Letchumi” is back to strike!


By the writer of Story of Tolol and  Pusaran Angin Songsang, Rusaidi Ramli produced All About Letchumi for a theatre workshop held in penangpac located at Pulau Pinang back in 2019. The participants were made up of various races and multiple layers of society. Due to Covid-19, the theatre was suspended for almost 2 years. When the chance to perform came by, AAL was hit again with the closure of penangpac forcing them to delay the stage performance even more.


Finally, the long-awaited stage is back to wow the audience on 23rd – 24th September 2022. Get your tickets now for a place to watch this drama-laden and emotion-reeling show! More info is down below.




This theatre presents the relationship of a multi-racial society as a family which shares the conflicts, the same social problems, the same desires and the same love without putting racial differences as a barrier.



The romance between Letchumi and Meon, a troubled guy was prevented by Vijay, Letchumi’s brother who wanted to marry her to Dato’ Sam, a businessman who came from Kuala Lumpur.

Meon felt humiliated, angry and raged at the engagement ceremony between Dato’ Sam and Letchumi until Dato’ Sam was hit on the head with a stick.  However, something was surprising at that time when it was discovered that Letchumi had secretly fled to Kuala Lumpur with a guy he had just met, Kumar.

Dato’ Sam felt disappointed and canceled all his plans with Vijay  because his desire to marry Letchumi was not fulfilled, as well his ambition to become a community leader in the area with the help of Vijay, was also not fulfilled.

In Kuala Lumpur, Kumar took Letchumi to stay at his adoptive brother’s family home for a while.

Letchumi then told the audience about the fate that befell her when she was in Kuala Lumpur and how she came to know Daniel who is thought to have saved her from Kumar.

Kumar, on the other hand, appeared to tell the audience what had happened on contrary and that everything Letchumi had told was just a fabrication so that she would not be blamed for choosing Daniel as his lover and leaving him in despair.

When Daniel brought Letchumi to be introduced to his family, Letchumi was surprised when confronted by Daniel’s father who apparently was Dato” Sam who once wanted to marry her.


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