The World is Your Restaurant” by Hoo Fan Chon.

From All The Lands Within the Seas, they redirect their focus to what’s in the seas, in the upcoming exhibition “The World is Your Restaurant” by Hoo Fan Chon.

Ever the keen observer of his surroundings, Hoo Fan Chon draws attention to the kitschy aesthetics of quotidian spaces to celebrate their visual idiosyncrasies. In his youth, he was occasionally treated to lavish banquets at Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur by his father. Every aspect of a meal, from the decor to the plating of dishes, was indelibly imprinted on his mind. Naturally, Hoo turns to Chinese culinary and dining culture in The World is Your Restaurant—an exhibition that presents paintings, video, and installation art—to consider not only the gamut of the visual lexicon that lends the banquet its whimsical qualities, but also the historical development of the local Sino-foodscape alongside the economic rise of KL.

Exhibition dates: 20 Nov to 12 Dec
Opening hours: Wed to Sun 12-6pm

This exhibition is jointly produced by Mutual Aid Projects and The Back Room.

Curator: @eri3cgoh
Designer: @tauras.img

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