The Teacher Appreciation Banquet

Join us on a captivating journey through time and memory as 11% present “The Teacher
Appreciation Banquet”!
In 2018, Lee Kok Kee embarked on a train ride filled with nostalgia, reminiscing about his high school days in 1987 and a cherished performance of “Dream of the Red Chamber.” Memories of talented cast members, a revered mentor, and conflicts of the past flooded his mind. Now, 32 years later, destiny reunites this group at a teacher appreciation banquet, offering a chance to reconcile, heal old wounds, and face life’s bitter truths.
Spanning three decades of history in Malaysia and Singapore, this powerful production explores the characters’ growth and challenges against the backdrop of significant historical shifts.
Show Information:
14-17 September 2023
14-16 Sep @ 8:30 PM
16-17 Sep @ 3:00 PM
Fil Venue: Nero Event Space, PJPAC, 1 UTAMA E
For inquiries, call:
4 014 266 7908
Get your tickets at:
Ticket Price:
RM 200 VIP , RM 98 Adult

Kids above 7 years old are welcome!
Don’t miss this unforgettable journey of love, friendship, and redemption. Book your seats now!

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