The Story Of Chipollino – A Ballet of Family Love and Heartfelt Harmony

Asia Ballet Academy proudly presents ‘Chipollino’, an exuberant ballet production that whisks audiences away into a delightful, child-like world filled with fun, whimsical characters. Each scene is a visual feast, with a stage intricately designed to reflect the vibrant world of vegetables and fruits bursting with color and imagination.

The story unfolds in the radiant Lemon Kingdom, where distinctions are drawn between the ‘nobles’ and the ‘commoners’. Amidst this vibrant setting, Chipollino, the compassionate onion, emerges as a beacon of hope and love. Alongside his devoted friend Carrot, they embark on a heartwarming mission to include a little lemon left out due to Prince Lemon’s prejudices.

But this isn’t just a tale of heroes and challenges; it’s a story that celebrates family. Chipollino’s adventurous quest to rescue his imprisoned mother reveals the unbreakable bonds of familial love. With beautifully choreographed dances with Cherry, they both evoke a shared longing for their mothers, showcasing the depth of family ties.

A highlight is when Chipollino’s mother, in a heartwarming moment, shares the profound wisdom of onions – symbols of raw emotion and healing. As the characters come together to peel onions and express their vulnerabilities, the stage becomes a testament to the power of community, understanding, and empathy.

The entire production is a captivating blend of joyful music, intricate ballet movements, and a stage that resonates with beauty and child-like wonder. It’s a celebration of love, unity, resilience, and the sheer magic of ballet. Dive into the mesmerizing world of ‘Chipollino’ and witness the transformative power of art, love, and family.

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