The Sound of Tai Hei

  • The Sound of Tai Hei was founded since 2014.
  • In 2017, they were specially invited by JKKN to perform Cantonese Opera concert at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) as part of its Cultural Awareness campaign.
  • In 2018, they directed and performed Cantonese Opera concert at DPAC for 2 sold-out nights. RM72,000 was raised in the charity concerts and donated to IQ70+ mentally handicapped shelter in Petaling Jaya.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their planned concert was postponed and will now be scheduled at PJPAC in February 2023.
  • Throughout the years, they were invited to perform at events, weddings, annual dinners and others concerts.
  • They have also held workshops at schools and campuses several times to promote the opera art.

1. 白蛇传之遊湖


Legend of a White Snake – The Lake Cruise

A white snake and green snake, disguised as two ladies, get to know a gentleman named Shi Xian during a lake cruise.

2. 易水送荊轲


Farewell at the Yi River

The prince of Yen is bidding farewell to Jing Ge, who’s going to assassinate Emperor Chin Shi Huang, to save Yen from being invaded by Chin.

3. 杀廟盟心


Engagement of Yang and Seh in the Temple

General Yang Ji Yeh is hunted down to a temple by Seh Chai Hua due to a misunderstanding. Ji Yeh managed to clear the dispute and lovingly engaged into marriage with Chai Hua.

4. 碎銮輿


Damage of the Concubine’s Royal Carriage

Concubine Yim forces the righteous censor Hai Sui to release her brother from prison,

The censor refused, Yim messed up the censor’s court. Hai Sui ordered the guards to damage her royal carriage, Yim left in embarrassment.

5. 花田八喜之棧会


Happy Flower Farm-Meet Up in the Inn

Chun Lan, a clever servant girl from Liu family, is making an urgent visit to the scholar Bian Ji for a discussion on arranging him to meet up with her master Miss Liu.

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