The Schubert Session

The Schubert Session is a dressed down lecture recital (complete with translation) of iconic Schubert lieder in a relaxed atmosphere, over coffee and cakes. Together we shall explore the magic when poems (of Goethe and more) meet music (of Schubert).

Come find out about Gretchen and her complicated relationship with Faust; the beautiful boy Ganymed and his relationship with Zeus; the fate of a girl in a largely patriarchal society of the 19th century; and more.

Delivered in an easy to understand manner, the session is suitable for both new listeners as well as connoisseurs.


  1. An die Muzik
  2. Ganymed
  3. Nacht und Träume
  4. Gretchen am Spinnrade
  5. Heidenröslein
  6. Seligkeit

Presented by:

The KL Madrigal Singers (

Scott Woo, director & tenor

Chew Shi Yun, soprano

Iau Jo Yee, collaborative pianist

YS Tang, classical guitar.


Entry by donation of RM 80 per person (coffee& dessert incl.)

Bookings via:

whatsapp 011-5423 6828



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