The Outsiders: Global Journalism Shaped National Discourse


The Outsiders: How Global Journalism Shaped National Discourse.

Content transcends boundaries. Anyone with access to the Internet, is globally connected.

Malaysian news coverage by foreign media outlets arguably played a pivotal role in the recent GE14, with their exposés on 1MDB – the biggest scandal the country has seen.

Meanwhile, the local media won’t touch any ‘sensitive topics’ with a 10-foot pole – those that did, had to face the powers that be.

They were reduced to rewriting and covering pieces by the likes of New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Is it a lack of capability, or is it an issue of stifling press freedom, or both?

And how do international media outlets justify all the resources than go into investing into foreign correspondents to keep shedding a light on important issues around the globe?

Speakers: Rick Paddock (The New York Times), Thum Ping Tjin, Hannah Ellis-Peterson (The Guardian)
Moderator: Terence Fernandez


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