The iProject: Between Self And Others


The iProject: Between Self And Others.

When was the last time your conscience spoke to you?
Have you changed?
Everything we do is a reflection of our choices;
or are we simply doing what is expected of us?

This production is a full-length contemporary dance performance performed by ASK Dance Company.

Choreographed by Naimsyah Razad and Fauzi Amirudin.
Director of Music: Bernard Goh
Composer of Music: Kent Lee
Lighting Designer: Tan Eng Heng
Costume Designer: Quito Yang
Graphic/Set Designer: Elan Hasyim

Ticket Price:
RM 35 (Students) / RM 55 (Adult) / RM 105 (Gala Night)

Call Ashwini 016-9154260, DPAC Ticketing Office 03-40650001/2
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