The CHRYSALIS, a solo exhibition

Sabah Art Gallery is pleased to present The CHRYSALIS, a solo exhibition by a local artist, Ehlid Luli. Over 21 paintings by Ehlid are displayed in the exhibition and most of them are newly done.

The Chrysalis series are inspired by the vision of nature and the notion about modernization. Ehlid is fascinated by the biomorphic and morphology elements where his works have visually displayed in the diverse pool of influences – from abstract, abstract expressionism, to surrealism, and the polished finishing of figurative realism.

Formally, Ehlid’s works are about the deconstruction of processes which consequently bring about the necessary of reconstruction in visual space. On the other hand, he has rejected the notion of single vantage point where the subjects that he found are of different combinations: the collisions between natural and man-made elements, paradox, dichotomy, logic and illogical, physical and metaphysical, imprisonment and liberation.

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