The Art of Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. It engages us, it moves us, it inspires us. Stories are powerful. They can teach history; They can entertain us; They can make us think about things in ways we’ve never thought of them before; They can make us laugh and cry; They can teach morals and ethics — values that the storyteller thinks people should live by. Stories connect us together!

Dale Carnegie knew that storytelling was an essential ingredient for winning friends and influencing people. He knew stories connect with people, both emotionally and intellectually. Inspirational leaders use stories to convey a vision and motivate action. And inspirational leaders start young!

We are very excited to be back with our successful two day workshop on the art of storytelling, that teaches your child to engage with audience, lend humor into the story and ways to bring a story alive to a live audience! It builds their confidence in expressing themselves, and this, indeed goes a long way.

So, get your child enrolled into our two-day workshop to explore the art of storytelling and tell their stories to the audience!

Give us a call/ WhatsApp anytime at 0107714670 and register your child!

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