Street Photography Workshop around the KL Subway System

street photography

Street Photography Workshop around the Kuala Lumpur Subway System with Jerome De Perlinghi

Friday, 26 October 2018
(11.30am – 4.30pm)

Limited seats only (10-12 pax)

Fees : RM400
Bank in to 564409603229 (Maybank PCP Publications) Email your details (Name, ID no., Mobile no., payment slip) to [email protected]

The idea of this workshop is to find interesting images while moving around across the City from trains to platforms to escalators, looking for portraits, sceneries, cityscape, reflections and anything catching your eye.

With several ten of thousands of passengers at any given moment, we have an infinite number of possible subjects: everybody catches the subway, the business man in an Armani suit, the school kids wearing their clad uniform, the American tourist visible from miles away, the workman on his way to the factory, the dozen of different communities making Kuala Lumpur such a vibrant and pleasant City.

We work as fast as we can, snapping the pictures before anybody even realizes they have been photographed. We used multiple settings on our cameras, fast speeds to freeze the action, slow speeds to have special effects from a moving train. We use windows as mirrors, heads in the foregrounds as shadows of a more complicated composition.

Most of all we try many different poses; we travel outside our comfort zone to look for the unknown that is inside us. We surprise ourselves to come back two hours later with, for each of us, a wonderful new portfolio.

Instructor Profile: Jerome De Perlinghi

Jerome spent tremendous amount of time taking photos of some of the biggest names in Hollywood and he described these celebrities as ordinary people who are easy to work with.

Having worked as a freelance photographer for more than 30 years on various projects, he describes photography as being able to capture moments in time that happen very quickly.

He teaches at the Fall Semester Class of Photojournalism at Loyola University in the School of Communication at the Water Tower Campus in Chicago since 2010.

Despite living the life of a brilliant of photographer, he managed to become the Artistic Director and Principal Organizer of the Photography Festival called “Eyes on Main Street” in Wilson, North Carolina.

In addition to that, he published numerous books of these titles “Liebe Zu Kaufen”, “DeSingel”, “Album 5”, among other others.

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