Storytelling Shakespeare: MACBETH

Premiered in September 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2017, the show has so far been performed over 50 times at 25 venues including local and international primary schools, receiving very positive feedback from students, teachers and parents. It has also toured to Manila and Seoul. Many commented on the fun and exciting way Shakespeare’s story was brought to life for the young audience, without dumbing down.

The play is delivered in contemporary English and with some key phrases found in the Shakespeare play. This approach allows the young audience not only to follow the the story’s main plot and themes but also to be familiar with famous utterances like, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair…” or “Double, double, toil and trouble…”

In fact, the three performers lead the young audience into these chants (including battle cries) and invite audience-participation in some key scenes, like the battle between the royal forces and the rebels, a banquet, the seduction of the witches and a dance.

It is definitely not a sit-down-and-quietly-watch kind of performance.

Cast & Creative Info

Produced by: KL Shakespeare Players

Directed by: Lim Kien Lee & Johnny Gillett

Featuring: Lim Soon Heng, Sofia Anderson & Tharwa Karina

Live Music: Lim Kien Lee

Stage Manager: Zul Zamir


Target Audience

6 years old & above


60 minutes + Q&A (15 min)

Event Dates

Show Times



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