States of Levity and Gravity: A Contact Improvisation Workshop

States of Levity and Gravity: A Contact Improvisation Workshop by Masha Grudskaya and David Lim

How do we begin? How do we choose when to move and when to be moved? How do we improvise when “everything is possible yet nothing has to happen”? By experimenting with and experiencing different states of dance, we can explore the full range of possibilities afforded to us by contact improvisation. We can be light and playful, and we can be serious and grounded. We can go up, and we can go down. We can leap and fly, and we can roll and slide. The contact improviser’s palette is full of possibilities!

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

Dates: Feb 29 to Mar 1, 2020 (2 days)

Daily schedule: 10:30-13:00, 15:00-17:30 (plus jam on Mar 1 at 19:30–21:30)

Venue: Rimbun Dahan (a private arts center located in a small semi-urban town about 50 minutes from the city)

What’s included: access to the workshop, the jam on March 1st, and the swimming pool

What’s not included: Meals and accommodation

Fee: 120 USD
Malaysian citizens based in Malaysia: RM375
Student discount: 30% off

We also have limited spots for helpers to participate at a reduced fee by helping out with cleaning tasks.

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