Spectrum: Getaran Alam–Mohar Mohram


In “Getaran Alam”, the arrangement and presentation of the songs will be based on the interpretation of oriental classical and Western classic instruments, and the addition of musical instruments with strong Malaysian characteristics.

If nature is a piece of poem, no words could describe how interesting it can be. If nature is a song, then it will awake the happiness of hearts.

If nature is a painting, then even the best pen and ink cannot describe the beauty that can be seen everywhere.

Modern neuro-immunology shows that “spiritual factors can produce auto-immune and self-healing powers.

This function is an instinct for the human body to adapt to the natural environment,” and healing music is able to calm the spirit through ascension effect.

In the third performance, audiences get to experience a musical performance that can heal and touch people through the sound of Getaran Alam (the vibration of nature)!

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