Soul Killers Don’t Quit

What will be left in the future?

The title of this show is an ironic, if somewhat iconic statement. An epiphany, or realisation if you will, of how much have been lost to the sacrilegious repressive attitudes of existing power structures that are daily subverting our consciousness not to mention our history. There is hope and the undertones are that we still the major shaping forces of the perceptions of human evolution and spirituality.

These works are a cultural collaboration by Belgian artist Andy Wauman and Malaysian born James Ly. The two artists have borrowed heavily from extinct languages, once indigenous practices, abstruse spiritual totems and rarefied religious symbols. They are magical, ancient and primitive in nature and invite the audience to contemplate our relationship with the here, the now and the what will be.

We have lost cultures and practices through the standardisation of languages, through the prejudice towards the other and the loss of indigenous cultures and their knowledge. This is our so called ‘bounty’, what they would have us believe to be the gift left to us from colonisation, a jewel made up an inherited cultural dissonance. Progressive class & labour structures coupled with an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle have contributed to a spiritual void, the deepest darkest caverns of which are most evident within our urban populations.

We are living with a status quo where public perception and repressive ideologies of past and existing institutions have reduce and simplified civilisation to such an extent that has left us with a diluted misinformed version of our once fully integrated yet richly diversified existence.

This exhibition is an opportunity to reawaken the repressed and fuel the fire for contemplating the moment and our shared future. These are the starting points of discussion on various issues that relate to evolution, civilisation, politics, economics and perhaps most importantly, spirituality. They may well be the springboard you require to replenishing an over exhausted soul and reconnect with your primordial senses.

Words by Ano Mac

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