Seken Art Festival November 2018 serves a series of purposes that are beneficial to UTAR students. Our event is titled “Seken”, which is a Japanese translation for “世間”. The main idea of the event is to challenge the societal standards and expectations enforced upon us. With the exhibition, we aim to show the audience how societal expectations and guidelines actually shape us throughout different stages in life, thereby provoking reflection and contemplation among students. It also serves to critique the idea of ‘freedom of choice’, as our freedom ever only spans across a limited set of options, of which the availability is externally influenced by factors such as family background, place of origin, etc. As such, our exhibition aims to awaken the creativity within our audience through the combined efforts of the exhibits, workshops and talks.

The layout of the event imitates a small town, with vendors and food stalls surrounding the Heritage Building. The exhibits allow visitors to interact with them as we present the societal problems through them. It also changes the stereotypical view people have towards art that is \’childish\’.

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