Satu – Constructed Environment & Shared Experience


Satu: Creative collective established in 2008, having created various platforms for a variety of works by artists through eclectic public art spaces and international collaborations.

Curated by Elias Yamani Ismail, Constructed Environment and Shared Experience is the 17th exhibition independently organised by Satu: Creative Collective.

Featuring recent works by Elias Yamani Ismail, Elham Shafaei, Gonçalo Faro, Nik Mohd Husyaidie Che Hussin and Nuriman Amri.

This exhibition is supported by: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), The Oriente Foundation and Pertubuhan Pengkarya Seni Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor.

As an artists living in this environment in this moment in time. Carries meaning to our practice and the world that we lived in. The reality that we are encountering and the future of that reality. How its evolving and changing. We are looking for the meaning of our practice in our society. Which society we are in…?

We are in the socialworld of urban society…that’s the reality we are in. As an artists would like also to look at my functionality of our practice in that world. We looked around and saw most art that encountered are descriptive. It amplified, projected, reinforce, existing norms and values. Realizing that most art are old and concern with the past and saw the fundamental of creative act was the act of transformation.

When men found a stick he made a tool, he made a transformation from one thing to another. He changed the language of reality from one thing to another. This act of transformation gave in a interrogatory function in a way.

The role of changing thenorms and values the way we see reality. Never the less, saw that this is the a way
forward in providing a vision of the future. The world that we are in this urbanreality. We began to believe the world that we live in are complex its fluid, itstransient, its relative. In the past the world that we looking at was simple. Today wewould like to called the world that we are living as the world of objects. This led to the idea art in the future in urban culture and the artists as urbanist.

Opening Ceremony: 10.10.18, 3pm. Galeri Seni, UPSI.
Exhibition starts on 1st to 31 October, 2018.
Venue: Galeri Seni, UPSI. Time: 9am to 4pm daily.

About the organiser:

Satu: Creative Collective established in early March 2008 having created various platforms for a variety of works by artists through eclectic public art spaces with amazing programs. When working together they adopt the ‘Gotong royong’ concept in which every individual in the group exhibition not only focus on producing their individual artworks but do take part in the making of the exhibition.  Satu: Creative Collective are part of Pertubuhan Pengkarya Seni Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor a registered NGO together with other initiatives such as Nuqtah, Transit: Research Residency, Saloran Seni: Malaysian Visual Arts Channel and Pusat Seni dan Kebudyaan Petaling Jaya. To date Satu: Creative Collective had organised 16 interesting shows that launch carrier of many young artists and created collaboration platform among artists with various backgrounds from Malaysia and overseas.

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