Sandiwara 2018 Vol.1: New Theatre for A New Malaysia

It’s back!
And we’ve confirmed dates for 3 #SandiwaraMaTA events this year. All will fall on Sunday nights, when it’s most unlikely for any theatre-related events, meetings or rehearsals.

3 Jun 2018: Studio 1, DPAC.
2 Sep 2018: Lot’ng
3 Dec 2018: Twenty20Two

THEMES will be decided closer to date, and you are welcome to suggest (Suggestion Box at event, or PM someone on committee). The theme for 3 June 2018 is “NEW THEATRE FOR NEW MALAYSIA”.

LANGUAGE is generally in English, but you are welcome to share/speak/work in any language you more comfortable with. And together, we will find a way to translate across languages, as we usually do in multilingual settings across Malaysia.

This event is open to Malaysian Theatre practitioners, theatre-practitioners in Malaysia, and anyone interested in Malaysian Theatre.

Sandiwara is a place to TALK, DISCUSS & EAT IN THE NAME OF THEATRE! It is a community event organized by the Malaysian Theatre Association (MaTA) for people to come together, and discuss anything and everything about the local scene.

7:30pm Food & Networking

[MAHJONG PAPER DISCUSSION] 8:30pm Brief & Open Circle
9:00pm Breakout Sessions
10:00pm Closing Circle
10:30pm Upload reports. Food & Networking.

11:00pm Wrap Up. End.

The evening’s highlight, the MAHJONG PAPER DISCUSSION (MPD) is inspired by a theatre initiative called Devoted & Disgruntled UK (D&D).

It uses a popular simple and free-flowing discussion format called Open Space, which works on the “Law of Two Feet”: “you take responsibility for what you care about — standing up for that and using your own two feet to move to whatever place you can best contribute and/or learn.”

1) Anyone can call/propose a break out ‘Session’ to discuss, or work on, any issue, idea, feeling, or project you want.
2) Sessions are called/proposed at the start of the MPD during the Open Circle.
3) During breakout Sessions, the person who called the Session is requested to note attendees, and discussions or workings, then upload on
4) The ‘Report’ can be as simple, or detailed as desired, or able. It can be written, photos, or videos. We will provide mahjong paper and markers for standard note-taking. And if nothing else, just take a photo of your Session’s mahjong paper, and upload it at the end of the day.
5) At the end, everyone returns to reflect, and wrap-up at the Closing Circle.
6) It don’t have to end here!
You are welcome to continue conversations, and/or work, started at MPD on your own after the event. You can do it online (on your Session’s page on, or offline. And if you want, do share updates with us.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert, or anything.
We’ll explain things on that day, and help guide you through.
Just come on over, and try it out!

The theme for this round is “NEW THEATRE FOR A NEW MALAYSIA”.

You can view the theme as a focal subject, or a launchpad, to propose any topics, projects, questions, issues, etc. that you want to discuss, get feedback on, or work on. It could be funding for theatre, why we do what we do, how to stay fit for theatre, running a theatre space, pursuing tax exemption policies, a monologue about nasi lemak, best place for breakfast before bump-in, etc.

You can also see reports from the last Sandiwara(s) to see what people talked about then, who attended, and the themes:

You can still repeat topics/sessions from previous Mahjong Paper Discussions/Sandiwara-s. Each MPD is considered a fresh, new space and time.

Here’s a brief overview from the website:
There are also more in-depth info. via their homepage:

Or go to D&D’s website:
D&D also did a video guide (Note: It’s a little fancier than MPD, and their annual event is a 3 days affair.):
And D&D did a short film about the Road Show they did across UK as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad:

Our Sandiwara Vol. 2 event page also has photos of that event!
Or go to the Sandiwara MaTA page to see reports & themes from past events:

This is a POTLUCK event so please bring food enough for 2-3 pax.

NOTE: Keep F&B at Studio Lobby. No food or drinks inside the studio.


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