S.O.P. A Performance _ A Ritual _ An Invitation

“… The world is ending. I offer you an eternal life at a place of pure happiness and peace – no war, no disease, no suffering. Now, connect to me, transfer your consciousness and regenerate yourself in the digital world. With arms wide open, I welcome you to the new world.”

Date: 3-4 Dec 2021 (Fri, Sat)
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: KongsiKL
Ticket: Link on Bio

Director//Lighting Designer | Tan Eng Heng @tan.e.heng.14

Choreographer//Dancer | Lee Kien Faye @kienfaye

Composer//Sound Designer | Kent Lee @kentlee.my

Set Designer | kod(kod) @kodkod.io | Tan Eng Heng @tan.e.heng.14

Multimedia Designer//Animation Designer | kod(kod) @kodkod.io | Tan Eng Heng @tan.e.heng.14 | Tan Thian Shaun @ttshaun

Videographer |Tan Thian Shaun @ttshaun

Concept by kod(kod) @kodkod.io

Supported by Krishen Jit Fund @fiveartscentre

Produced by Kongsi Petak

Venue Sponsor by KongsiKL @kongsikl

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