Power Up vol.12

//POWER UP Vol.12//
Loud, noisy and heavy.
Rackety, skronking and shrieking.
Rowdy, boisterous and rough.
If you feel that music should make your hair stand on end, twist your stomach or unclog your ears, then Power Up is right for you…
A regular music series presented by Raw Art Space, Power Up features experimental/noise music from local and international: come to experience sound in all its raw power!

Special thanks to Pro Helvetia, SUISA, Stadt Baden, Stadt Zürich and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung for supporting the event.

Admission by suggested donation: RM20 general / RM15 student

Still Und Dunkel
Rastko Lazic

::About Musicians::
NOIJZU / Peru, Switzerland
[Luis Sanz, Solo Performance]

Luis Sanz is a Peruvian musician and visual artist based in Switzerland. He works mainly with laptop, synthesizers, video, electromagnetic sensors, piezo converters and human voice.
His music focuses on raw signals through composing with micro sounds, feedback and signal amplification, ranging from minimal to extreme and confrontational electronic expressions.
Sanz is active in the Swiss experimental scene as Noijzu, a free electronic improvisation unit.

STILL UND DUNKEL / Switzerland

STILL UND DUNKEL formed in 2011. Since then, musician and visual artist Christoph Brünggel, filmmaker Benny Jaberg, and media artist Pascal Arnold have been seeking out abandoned places worldwide as – deserted sites in states of transformation or decay and inaccessible spaces that have remained undisturbed for some time – documenting them with moving images and sound recordings. Their growing archive is performed with dual-screen live film editing by Jaberg and Arnold and electronic music by Brünggel, whose compositions contain field recordings and are inspired by the places visited.


is a duo by Tey Beng Tze & NRYY
Tey Beng Tze is a visual artist/ tattooist/ who based in KL.
He is co-founder of LaoBan records and owner of RAW Art Space, who recently started to explore his music journey with his diy synth + effect pedal.

NRYY is harsh noise, digital hard core project, weird guitar and a mix of guitar industrial sounds, and more. Sometimes he involves in collaboration with another genre musician and visual. He has a number of releases from music labels all over the world.

Rastko Lazić is a composer and improviser of electronic music based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been composing music for contemporary dance, theatre, and television since 1996 including performances throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. He is mostly interested in experimenting with sound through free improvisation on any devices capable of producing sound. These are mostly electronic instruments and gadgets. He likes to call it Free Electronics. Although his main instrument is a modular synthesizer, in recent years he began playing Southeast Asian percussions and computer software. The computer software is mostly used for creating custom instruments and sound for installation pieces. He enjoys creating unheard instruments that sing unheard sounds and plays them on various tactile interfaces. The sound he creates ranges from minimal to noisy analog feedback.
More info at: www.rastko.info
Spotify , Tidal : Rastko Lazic
Video : https://vimeo.com/rastko
An interview with Rastko: http://madronalabs.com/news/130

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