“Places We Only Visit at 3AM” is a compilation of 5 short plays under EJKLS Seni’s the Young Blood Experiment – a mentoring programme for new writer-directors in KL, with EJKLS Seni’s founder, Asyraf Syahir, as the instructor. After a few months of writing and directing lessons, the protégés of TYBE will be having their first theatrical showcase; featuring the works of Arezu Karimzadeh (Lock, Unlock, Lock), Adam Syahmi (My Mother Died Last Night), Ng Tze Wei (Midnight Snack), Nabilah Baharin (Nyala/Nyorok), and Mikahluz Namia (Gerabak). Each of the play would be the writer-directors’ interpretations of the phrase “Places We Only Visit at 3AM”.
Lock. Unlock. Lock. (by, Arezu Karimzadeh), featuring Tania Ashwini is a visual story about the feelings of paranoia and anxiety in living alone.
My Mother Died Last Night, (by, Adam Syahmi), featuring John Wee, is a monologue about the feeling of guilt for failing to feel grief.
Midnight Snack, (by, Ng Tze Wei) featuring Naveen Raja, Mizan Mazfullah, & Sree Shalini is a satirical comedy about social expectations in the size of a fridge.
Nyala/Nyorok, (by, Nabilah Baharin) featuring Piravina Ragunathan, is a monologue that discusses patriarchy and femininity through the symbol of a box of cigarette.
Gerabak, (by, Mikahluz Namia) featuring Michelle Alisa & Fatin Jafri is a story about life – packaged into an unending train ride.
Dates: 21/9 (8.30PM), 22/9 (8.30PM), 23/9 (8.30PM), 24/9
(3.00PM), 24/9 (8.30PM)
Location: pangkin@ejklsseni, Wangsa Maju Ticket price: RM35 (flat)
The play will be staged in English and Malay.
Places We Only Visit at 3AM will be suitable for all ages 🙂
House will be open to audience 5 minutes before showtime.
Kindly be punctual to ensure that the performance will run smoothly.

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