Permanent Collection of Malaysian Artists’ Artworks

KEN Gallery is a 20,000 square foot art space, which is divided into the Main Hall, Hall 1, Hall 2 & Hall 3, located on Level M of Menara KEN TTDI. The Main Hall which houses the Kenny Tan Collection is approximately 12,000 square feet. Hall 1, 2 and 3 are open for rent. Hall 1 is approximately 5,000 square feet while Hall 2 and 3 are approximately 3,000 square feet.


The Main Hall will house the Kenny Tan Collection, with the first exhibition being: Malaysian Artists Volume 1. This Collection will showcase over 100 pieces of Malaysian Artists’ works. Apart from that, there is also The Trail, which showcases exquisite fine porcelain antiques. Lastly, there is the Oriental section, made to resemble a living room with antique furniture and walls of brush paintings. It will be on permanent display until the next volume is ready to be shown.

Note: Opening hours from 11am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays

The Gallery is closed on PH and Sundays

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