Pengembaraan Satu Malam ; The Night Journey

‘Pengembaraan Satu Malam’ (The Night Journey) is an immersive art performance that invites the audience to take part in the role of the unassuming traveler and embark on a symbolic voyage that follows the various stages of the Hero’s Journey—enabling them to explore the archetypal patterns and themes of an odyssey in an audio-visual format.

The voyage reflects on our local storytelling techniques and is influenced by the many ways a tale can be told, from myth to folklore to local ‘Hikayat’s’.

‘Pengembaraan Satu Malam’ comprises two shows. A weekend-only show will feature original performances by Gangsapura, a contemporary gamelan ensemble, directed by Teuku Umar Ilany and accompanied by motion visuals from Supercodex, followed by weekday-night shows featuring a media art installation by Supercodex and No-to-scale*.

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