Patch Up A Broken Heart : Paper Art Collage

Supported by a lovely new workshop space in Central KL @sustainedkl and an ecstatic initiative @impactmsia , I’m glad to try and see how it goes in hosting a session like this on a peaceful Friday afternoon too. This is my effort to make art for therapy workshops more accessible to the public, InsyaAllah 🤲🏼🤍

Collage art form is a beginner friendly technique where one is free to choose which colours, shapes or patterns to put together. It’s less intimidating than drawing or painting something specific. Your masterpiece will definitely be from you, reflecting some parts of you that are ready to be seen and heard (if you wish to verbally share on it) ✨

After all, there is no one way to heal. It may not be easy, but let’s keep goinggggg. Let’s take small steps to make positive changes in ourselves 💚🌿

Whatever reason is yours to be part of this precious session, I’m ready to receive you and see what we can learn and explore together 😉🎨

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