This PANDORA Art Showcase is not just a normal art event so do not miss the chance to experience it live on the 2nd floor of the Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur once the public viewing starts on the 14th of February 2022.

The concept of PANDORA is the embodiment of the curator of Art Market Malaysia, En Mohammad’s perspective with the aim of showcasing a unique and different type of art gallery that will help boost the art industry in Malaysia. Moreover, the artists involved in this event will be putting on MASQUERADE MASKS during the opening ceremony to promote the uniqueness of said event.

The honorary guests who will be officiating the event are also kept as a mystery and will only be revealed on the day itself. Exciting, isn’t it?

Up to this day, the PANDORA event has not received any sponsorship from any parties be it from the corporate or government sectors. All the efforts are gathered solely from Soriata Event who has been actively involved in CSR programs since 2015.

PANDORA is also supported by 100 artists from all over Malaysia consisting of people from a wide variety of races and levels including artists with disabilities (OKU). We are extending our reach to also include artworks from artists currently staying at the special recovery institute for OKUs which is called Institut Latihan & Pemulihan OKU Bangi.

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