Online Dance Workshop 2021: Dance at Home

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Interested in dance? What are you waiting for? Come join us. Now Theatre is glad to present to you Online Dance Workshop 2021: Dance at Home, a place where you can learn and experience Malay culture and dance of Borneo.

⭐Online Dance Workshop 2021: Dance at Home ⭐

Online Dance Workshop 2021: Dance at Home is a platform where you can learn Traditional Malay dances and Ethnic dances from Sabah and Sarawak. MCO is not a barrier for you to get to know the art form of Malaysian culture. Come and try it out. No experience needed. This workshop will be conducted by three dancers who are experienced in cultural and ethnic dance. There are six different types of dance classes. You are free to select which class you are interested and wish to join. Don’t worry if you have no dance experience because here, you can create experience while having fun together with us. Together we explore Malaysian culture through dance. It’s time to dance!

FEE ♨️ RM10 (per class)


TARGET PARTICIPANTS: For those who are interested in learning cultural dance. Any participants with or without dance background will be welcomed.

Application are open for everyone. The seats are limited. So, please register now! For all details and application form click this link

See you guys soon

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