Music Of The Night – Kok Kee Boon & Owen Ho

As an impresario, pianist, concert promoter, producer, music educator, manager and consultant over the past 25 years, Kee Boon’s passion has been to establish a cultural milieu within Malaysia  that will both benefit locals and foreigners alike.

Kee Boon has won the prestigious Outstanding Young Malaysian Award by the Jaycees International for Cultural Achievement 1999 and many other music awards including the first price winner of the NSW State Conservatorium Piano Festival Competition in Sydney Australia and Gems of Asia by the Federation For Asian Cultural Promotion in Solo City Indonesia for the 30th Annual Conference Program.

He was included in the Stanfords Whos Who in USA and the Outstanding Taiping Personality (Chinese) Award 2006 ( For Outstanding contribution towards the community, state and nation).

Owen Ho is an award winner in numerous competitions including the 2000 International Harmonica Competition in the town of Bournemouth, England. Most notably he was awarded First Prize in Solo and Trio at the International Harmonica Competition, and he also awarded as an Overall Champion for the New Millennium Player at the young age of 20. Most recently in 2009, he was awarded Champion of Trio at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germany. In 2002, he received a gold medal in the Small Ensemble category at the 4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Competition and Festival in Atsugi, Japan. In the Malaysia Book of Record, he has been named as the “First to Represent Malaysia in International Harmonica Competition” as well as having given the “Longest Harmonica Performance, playing non-stop for 24 hours.


Admission fee RM53 (RM42 for students at the door, please call ahead for availability)

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