Milenia – an Audio//Visual Art Exhibition

Milenia is an Audio//Visual Art Exhibition, a collaboration with 4 visual artist. This is a journey into @fi7i.exe‘s mind from Past//Current//Future. Experience the aesthetic of Lo-Fi House with a blend of 90’s Malay films samples, visualized in 3D mapped environment.

Visual Artist: @irfungus / @nwanwanwar / @azarikh / @grassh_opper

Tickets to experience their immersive exhibition will be available via QR payments at their gallery door entrance.

Entrance fee: RM8
Location: @kedai.kl
Venue: @dagbyfilamen

This event are strict following the SOP of the government and the SOP will be implemented throughout this exhibition. No booking required, people can only walk-ins. This event are only opened for fully vaccinated visitors.

Event Dates



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