Mes Mots Sur Tes Lèvres (My Words on Your Lips)

Nominated for “Best Actor In A Leading Role” at the 18th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, this was the crowd favourite when it was premiered in May 2022 at the IGNITE Solo Performance Festival 2022, and received raving reviews from theatre critics. It was the only theatre performance in the French Festival 2022. It has since toured Penang and Johor Bahru.

Performed mostly in English, but with French at passionate moments, it shows why French is regarded as the language of love. It also comments on society’s obsession with outward appearances, and compares the performer-audience relationship before and during the pandemic.

An original play–co-written by Grégory Henno, a master in interactive theatre; and Lim Kien Lee, Artistic Director of KL Shakespeare Players (KLSP)–it cleverly integrates Cyrano de Bergerac, the Malaysian theatre scene and the MCO, to tell a bittersweet love story. It ends with a pleasant surprise that has the audience leaving the theatre with a wide smile across their face.

This show is suitable for secondary school students and older.

Cast & Creative Info

Produced by / Penerbit: KL Shakespeare Players

Directed by / Pengarah: Lim Kien Lee

Script by / Skrip: Lim Kien Lee & Grégory Henno

Featuring / Pelakon: Grégory Henno

Projection / Projeksi: Lim Kien Lee

Advisory Info

Target Audience

Secondary school & above


60 minutes + Q&A (15 min)

Inquiries for school bookings

[email protected], or call/whatsapp +6012 323 0710

Event Dates

Show Times



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