May I Have A Dreamy May

It’s the stuff of dreams! Soft soft pillow and babychair and are coming together for a Dreamy Live Show this May. As we’re all stuck in the midst of everything and everywhere, this May will be made much more bearable with this dreamy little live collaboration.

Escape into our collective dream, or could it be more than a dream?


Soft soft pillow

Soft soft pillow is a Dream Pop band born amidst the pandemic. Staying true to their name, the band’s signature sound evokes soft, lazy vibes, drawing upon influences from the 80s synthwave era and their Southeast Asian roots for inspiration.

They want to calm your nerves and soothe your anxieties, being soft as a pillow.

Life is hard, but we can…

be soft, so you won’t feel the pain. We can bolster the world, soft and tender.



babychair is a trio band formed during the pandemic. Influenced

by genres such as dream pop, indie pop and city pop, we aimed to

make music that brings nostalgic and soothing vibes. We believe that

we can be just like babies, imagine and create at our own freedom.

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