Mah Meri Hari Moyang (Ancestors Day)

The Mah Meri are one of the 19 Orang Asli tribes in Peninsular Malaysia. Let’s do #MoreTogether by visiting the installation and joining the celebrations at GMBB, while learning more about the Mah Meri and Ari Muyang at Gallery Gerimis.

These decorations are for the Ari Muyang celebrations, and are made from the fronds of a species of palm that populate the mangrove swamps of Pulau Carey called nipa. They were weaved by Tompoq Tomoh who was led by @maznahunyan, a Malaysian National Heritage and Living Legend award recipient.

These creatures are examples of how the Orang Asli take inspiration from their natural surroundings and environment in shaping their cultural identity. In this case, the woven animals reflect the creatures found in the lowland coastal forest that the Mah Meri inhabits.

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