Love Struck Chap Goh Mei

Love and music is in the air.

Soothe your loveworn soul with our talented lineup of songstresses this 24th of Feb.

Noel & Her Feathers’ (@noelhasfeathers) discography is filled with sincerity about the mundane thrills of romanticising a small, simple life; coupled up with a sound profile that skims through old jazz and indie pop.

Jao Tim regular YINY’s (@o3o_yiny) newest singles, PICNIC and Wonderin’, are love-struck, bedroom pop-reminiscent listens filled with whimsy and longing.

Other than clever wordplay, JEANTONIC (@jeantoniccc) plays around with elements of modern jazz pop, city pop, urban pop, and cantopop to conjure up a lively lounge bar atmosphere.

Whether you’re in a situationship, a committed relationship, or happily single, there’s a little something for everyone. Join us!

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