“LIMINAL STATE” is an immersive art exhibition that invites you to explore the concept of liminality. Liminality refers to a state of transition, where individuals or objects exist in an in-between or intermediate phase. This exhibition delves deep into the idea of being neither here nor there, exploring the liminal state as the threshold between opposing worlds.
Through various forms of visual art, sculpture, and interactive installations, “LIMINAL STATE” explores the profound experience of living on the cusp of two different states.
Exhibition Overview:
“LIMINAL STATE” is a multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together artists, sculptors, photography, and music from diverse backgrounds to interpret the theme of liminality. The artworks on display vividly express the idea of existing in two states simultaneously – belonging yet detached, awake yet asleep, living while dying. Visitors will embark on a thought-provoking journey that challenges their perceptions of reality and encourages them to embrace the ambiguity of existence.
Join us in this captivating exploration of the expression of the in-between, and allow “LIMINAL STATE” to challenge your perceptions, awaken your senses.
Aziz Gattoufi lana Borodinskaia
Jeremy King Gomez
Sandra Wolf
Start on Saturday 4pm onwards for 7 days
all walks of life are welcome to experience the potential and power of art.

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