Le Corsaire- A Pirate’s Tale by Asia Ballet Academy

Asia Ballet Academy is thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary evening of ballet with our adventurous production, “Le Corsaire, A Pirate’s Tale.” Join us for a spectacular journey into the heart of classical ballet, brought vividly to life by our exceptionally talented young dancers.

“Le Corsaire” is a tale of love, intrigue, and daring escapades. Follow the journey of the dashing pirate Conrad as he sails across turbulent seas to rescue his beloved Medora from the clutches of captivity. Set against the backdrop of bustling Turkish markets and the lavish Pasha’s palace, this production promises a captivating blend of romance and adventure.

Restaged by our esteemed Ballet Masters, Mr. Glenn Ragel and Mr. John Dedios, this rendition pays homage to the grand staging of Marius Petipa and Piotr Gusev. With its beautiful colorful costumes and grand scenography, each performance promises to be a mesmerizing spectacle.

Our dedicated efforts ensure that audiences will witness attractive choreography and some neat dancing, making “Le Corsaire” one of the most entertaining of the classic 19th-century ballets. Through this performance, our professional dancers will be affirmed, while the younger ones will have the opportunity to advance and develop their talents. “I hope that this performance will have a long life, to the joy of all ballet fans in Malaysia,” says the Ballet Master of the Asia Ballet Academy.

Asia Ballet Academy is especially proud to feature special guest dancers, including the renowned Mr. Dominic Lor An Zhen, Mr. Julian Wen-Sheng Gan, along with talented young dancers from Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore, all coming together to deliver performances of breathtaking beauty and precision.

Don’t miss this enchanting experience:

  • Show Dates: June 8th and 9th
  • Venue: Stage 1 Theatre, PJPAC, 1 Utama E, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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