Laughaton 2021

If you need to laugh a ton, then you must attend the Laughathon! With over 14 comedians per laugh session, it’s a belly exercise that will surely get those endorphins flowing and calories burnt. Ahhh bliss!

Doctors even recommend taking time to laugh every day – it is good for your health. Studies have shown that laughing can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve mood.

It can also ease pain and help with depression. What more 2 hours of non-stop laughter!

AND laughter is known to improve communication, bonding and even ROMANCE. That’s what the Laughathon is, it’s a voyage for people who want to get closer to each other (and get jiggy with it after, only if you’re a couple, not if you’re siblings or anything. errr… ya.)

Limited seats per session due to SOP so we expect to sell out. Grab your dose of laughter now.

Ratings: Mature 18+

Recording: All shows will be recorded for ‘We Are Live’.

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